Welcome to our Wealth Building Tool Kit

Downloads and more on the smart, wealth building strategies that are fundamental
preparing and saving for the future and for retirement.


These first 2 videos are a part of our “Save Smart, Retire Rich” financial course.

Infinite Banking as a Core Asset

3 Infinite Banking Case Studies

The Truth Behind Hidden 401(k) Fees


PDFWhy Cash Value Life Insurance?

This brief outline will tell you exactly why we favor high cash value life insurance over other investment products.

PDFThe Truth about Whole Life

A real 47-year case study on whole life insurance as an investment.

PDFNo Tree Grows to the Sky

A cautionary tale about market bubbles and investment mania.

PDFMass Mutual Dividend History

A reference guide to Mass Mutual’s dividend history.


The Simple Banking System

The Banking Effect 3d

Money Wealth Life Insurance

Becoming Your Own Banker