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Banking for Life

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Banking for Life

Eagle, ID 83616

Infinite Banking – By Topic

high cash value life insurance small

High Cash Value Life Insurance

Learn more about high cash value whole life insurance, the foundation of Infinite Banking.
safety small


What makes Infinite Banking and whole life insurance a safe investment option?
growth 300x214


How can I utilize Infinite Banking to make a stronger, more effective Emergency Savings fund?
tax advantages 300x214

Tax Advantages

What are the tax advantages of Infinite Banking and whole life insurance?
liquidity small


Are Infinite Banking policies liquid? How does this help my overall investment options?
death benefit 300x214

Death Benefit

How does death benefit work with Infinite Banking and why does it matter to me?
universal life vs whole life insurance 300x214

Universal Life vs Whole Life

What is the difference and why is Universal life insurance a bad option for Infinite Banking policies?
opportunity cost small

Opportunity Cost

What is opportunity cost and how does it apply to my financial and investment decisions?
deferring taxes small

Deferring Taxes

Is deferring taxes a good idea? If I pay taxes now, instead of later, what are the benefits?
policy loans vs paying cash small

Policy Loans vs Paying Cash

What is the difference between a policy loan and paying cash and which is more effective?
paying yourself back 300x214

Paying Yourself Back

What does it mean to pay yourself back and how does this work with Infinite Banking?
start a policy

Starting a Policy

How do I get a quote or start my own Infinite Banking policy?