What makes Infinite Banking a safe investment strategy?

One of the biggest selling points of Infinite Banking is the underlying safety found in whole life insurance.

There are few investment alternatives that offer the safety of a properly structured, high cash value life insurance policy, while also offering the growth potential.


Innately, whole life insurance is not tied to the stock market. Participating whole life insurance companies offer growth in the form of dividends.

Because there is no stock market loss involved, these whole life insurance policies have underlying guarantees and no-loss provisions.

This means that, no matter what the stock market does, we cannot lose money because of market drops. A properly structured whole life insurance policy, used for Infinite Banking, will have a guaranteed minimum growth every year.

This safety aspect is what makes Infinite Banking so effective, especially as a stock or mutual fund alternative. Those who have been through the up and down of the stock market understand that, for the most part, they do not make it very far.

In one study, Dalbar showed that investors earned about 1.65% per year in asset allocation mutual funds.

And that’s with all the risk.

Infinite Banking offers a strategy that guarantees safe growth without the losses of the stock market.